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Why innovation?

While huge social issues loom all around us, we have a choice to make. We either succumb to these issues or try to work through them. As innovators, we always pick the latter. Under the roof of Bridge 47, we are strategic about our innovations: we innovate to bring relevance and practical knowledge for the support of Global Citizenship Education, and we innovate to reach out to new and yet unexplored target groups.

More specifically, we do this through fostering new and innovative approaches to GCE, supporting innovative projects with small grants, mobilising leaders of systemic change through the Transformative Learning Journey programme and through promoting new initiatives in numerous educational events throughout the project countries.

What our innovations bring to the table

We innovate with the big picture in mind. Today, this big picture suggests that there is a lack of space (institutional, personal and concerning networks) for implementing the most up-to-date innovative GCE approaches. The possibilities for experimenting and innovation in education are presently small and shrinking within the civil society space across Europe but also beyond.

Our main goals, reflecting upon this situation is thus to increase the availability of space, qualified personnel, new partners as well as target groups and innovative GCE approaches.



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