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Finnish Development NGOs - Fingo ry is the lead organisation of Bridge 47 and coordinates a consortium of 15 partners.

Due to its role as the project's lead organisation, Fingo currently has five staff members working on Bridge 47. Fingo is in charge of the financial and administrative matters in Bridge 47, and coordinates the communications of the project.

Bridge 47 Network

Fingo is the leading organisation behind the Bridge 47 Network. By coordinating the Bridge 47 Network, Fingo creates opportunities for active citizens who care about Global Citizenship Education to come together, share and learn from each other.

Bridge 47 in Finland

Fingo coordinates the work of Finnish civil society organisations on Global Citizenship Education, and shares the work of Bridge 47 in Finland. This includes, for example, trainings and events.



Finnish Development NGOs - Fingo Ry

Elimäenkatu 25-27, 00510 Helsinki, Finland.


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Alen Maletić

Position: Global Network Coordinator
Phone number: +358 50 471 2284

Alen coordinates the Bridge 47 Network, a global coalition in support of Global Citizenship Education.

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